In the last two decades, we have gradually grow from fabrication of steel casing pipes to an EXPORTER and SPECIALIST FABRICATOR for the Boring and Foundation Industry. We aim to provide a One-Stop Foundation solution to our customers.

And the following products are used locally and are exported to many countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, Phillipines, India, Middle East and Australia.


  • Submerged Arc Welded Casing Steel Pipe as marine pipe piles or as temporary boring pipe.
  • Debonding casing with external membrane wrapping.
  • Double Wall Casing Pipe with Joint.
  • Interlock Casing Steel Pipes.
  • Stop End for the Diaphragm Wall.
  • Augers and Buckets, Tremie Pipe Hopper.
  • Silos and Skid Tank of various diameter and height.
  • Slurry or Heavy Duty Rectangle Storage Tank.
  • Grade S355 Welded Type Main Beam and Secondary Beam as Test Beam.
  • Column Steel Formwork (Bolted Type) of various diameter and height.


Our customers have accredited us for Quality, Cost Competitive Package and On Time Deliveries. This is because WE CARE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS.

And moreover, we also provide the following added value services:

  • That the products can be sand blasted with epoxy coating or hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection, when requested.
  • Casing Shoe fabrication and welding of the external collars.
  • Quality assurance services and Third Party inspection upon request.


And for most of the requested projects, we are capable to fabricate the foundation welded pipe and cassing pipes to British and European Standard.


Steel Fabrication

Pressure Vessel

Air Receiver

Bending & Cutting Services